In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, are compliance CEs enough? No. 

Now more than ever your practice needs education insurance. 

The Institute for Dental Compliance and Risk Management was founded in 2014 to provide dental professionals the expertise and training they need to succeed in a heavily regulated industry. Don’t let complex regulations take you or your practice unaware. 

We are dedicated to advancing dentistry with educated compliance by:

  • Elevating regulatory compliance through knowledge and skills
  • Connecting professionals via our network to share and collaborate
  • Inspiring dental professionals to achieve higher goals
  • Training Compliance Specialists


Portrait of dental professionals

The HIPAA training course teaches the History of Privacy, the Privacy Rule and the Security Rule as well as how these laws pertain to your practice.



The OSHA training course informs you of the key OSHA regulations that impact your practice while helping you understand the compliance expectations for each applicable regulation.

Risk Management

Patients consulting the dentist at dental clinic

Review the essentials of dental Risk Management with updated principles such as the Enterprise Risk Management system (ERM) to support patient safety as well as to identify and analyze risk factors.

How up to date is your compliance officer?