Compliance is a broad term referring to adherence to external rules, standards or laws. Regulatory compliance as related to dentistry refers to your practice goals for identifying and taking steps to ensure you have met these legal obligations. Maintaining optimum compliance is an ongoing process; it requires creating and updating policies, procedures and processes along with staff training.

The Institute specializes in compliance education and credentialing for dental professionals. To meet this goal, three primary courses of study are offered: HIPAA, OSHA and Risk Management.

There is no prerequisite knowledge needed for these courses.

HIPAA Compliance for the Dental Professional

Healthcare practitioners have a professional and ethical obligation to maintain the privacy and security of patient information. Three primary federal laws govern your legal responsibility: Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Health Information Technology for Clinical and Economic Health Act (HITECH) and the Omnibus Final Rule. This course helps you understand your legal obligations and how these laws pertain to your practice.
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OSHA Compliance for the Dental Professional

OSHA compliance is a long-standing cornerstone of your compliance program. Yet not many clinicians, office safety coordinators or practice owners have taken the time to thoroughly review the OSHA regulations that apply specifically to dentistry. This course leads you through the key OSHA regulations that impact your practice and teaches you the compliance expectations are for each regulation.
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Risk Management Essentials for Dental Professionals

Risk Management Essentials builds upon core risk management principles while introducing updated perspectives and principles, such as Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). In the ERM model, six different risk domains are identified, including patient-related risk. Integrating an ERM approach in your practice enables you to be more comprehensive in the identification, analysis and mitigation of various risks.
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