OSHA Credentials

OSHA CertificationFor decades healthcare professionals have been required to follow various OSHA regulations—most notably the Bloodborne Pathogens and the Hazard Communication Standards. Yet not many clinicians, safety coordinators or practice owners have taken the time to thoroughly review the OSHA regulations that apply specifically to dentistry. In addition to the Bloodborne Pathogens and the Hazard Communication Standards, these include Ionizing Radiation, Exit Route Standards, Electrical Standards and Laser Safety, among others.

This 7-hour course leads you through the key OSHA regulations that impact your practice and helps you to understand what the compliance expectations are for each applicable regulation.

Which credential is right for you?

Level I: OSH101:  Prefer to just obtain the information for your own knowledge, which you can apply as needed in your practice setting?
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Level II: OSH201: Prefer to become more skilled and receive a formal Certificate in OSHA Compliance for Dental Professional upon completion of the program?
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Level III: OSH301:  Prefer to achieve the highest level and become a Certified Dental Specialist in OSHA (CDSO™)?
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Disclaimer: All courses are for educational purposes only and are not intended to provide legal advice.

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